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    I am looking to adopt a dog/cat that is (check all that apply)

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    We want to ensure the best fit for each family. Are there any traits that you will not accept in a pet?

    e.g. jumping, mouthing, growling, scratching furniture, biting

    If the above were to show, what would be your plan?

    e.g. return the animal to rescue, work with a trainer, etc.

    Under what circumstances would you choose to rehome a pet?

    The amount of exercise I expect the pet to get with me (check all that apply)

    How many daily walks do you expect to take?

    I am looking for a:

    If you are approved but the animal you applied for is no longer available, are you open to another animal we feel may be a good fit?

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    Do you live in a:

    Do you:

    If Rent, Landlord name and contact number

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    Number of adults in home

    What other adults will be responsible for care, Name and relationship to you:

    Number of children in home:

    Names and ages:

    Are the children comfortable around pets?

    Do all family members know that you are considering adopting a pet?

    Will someone be home with our pet during the day?

    How many hours will your pet spend alone daily/nightly:

    Where will your pet spend most of its time:

    Do you currently have pets in the home

    Please list - Name, gender, breed, age - of EACH CURRENT PET and how long you have had them:

    Have you had pets previously?

    If yes, name, gender, breed, age:

    If they passed or are no longer living with you, please explain the circumstance:

    Would you adopt an animal with a treatable medical condition?

    Have you ever given a pet up for adoption?

    Describe the circumstance:

    Have you ever surrendered an animal to an animal shelter?

    If yes, explain:

    Name of your current veterinarian:

    Veterinarian phone

    Client name that current animals are being seen under:

    Previous veterinarian name, if applicable:

    How much do you think this pet will cost you each year - including food, heartworm/flea control, medical/dental care, supplies, training, grooming...:

    PLEASE CALL YOUR CURRENT (& PAST) VET TO RELEASE YOUR RECORDS SO THAT WE CAN DO A VET CHECK. If you do not do this step, we may not be able to process your application and it may result in you not being eligible for adoption.

    Any additional pertinent information:


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