Aileen Mazzeo-Lawton

Aileen Mazzeo-Lawton


Aileen Mazzeo-Lawton, VSA-CDT, FDM

I am a lifelong animal lover and CT resident. I got into rescue after adopting Stella, a beautiful, sweet soul, stuck in a shelter for over a year. I just didn’t understand how a well behaved, friendly dog could end up homeless. Since that time, I have become a Certified Dog Trainer and Family Dog Mediator to help in any way possible. I am committed to continuing my education and to never stop helping.

Dogs are sentient beings with feelings and emotional needs that deserve loving homes and people to help them find their way. I believe the dogs have been waiting for us, as a species, to catch up to them, taking their example of displaying unconditional love, true companionship, and honesty.

I am honored to join Army’s Legacy Animal Rescue and Sanctuary and their mission to create positive energy in the industry of dog rescue.