Message from the Founder:

It is with Great sadness that I share the news of the passing of an Amazing man. A man that took a piece of my heart this morning. Jack, I love you my dear friend. I may have taken care of you but you were ALWAYS there for me. You were a staple with Army’s Legacy Animal Rescue And Sanctuary, Inc..

Jack did everything with me for over a year. He evaluated dogs, went to events, meetings, transported dogs with me (hugged them and loved them all) there were No bad dogs to him ever, did adoptions with me, we watch old John Wayne movies, fishing shows, he came to my parents with me and went out to dinner with my family, he opened his house to my kids, my dogs and rescue dogs, he told me so so many stories, he listened to me, he came and learned how to raise bees, gave me his advice, he loved me As I him. He called me his pumpkin when he would see me even when I saw him a few days ago. He was not my client, He was my friend.

I love you Jack. May you now be at peace with Miss Mary.

This isn’t goodby, we will see each other again!

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