Liz Adams - Director of Marketing & Fundraising

Liz Adams

Fundraising Director


Liz is the proud fur momma of Dexter, SuChang, Kaiser, and Baby. She started in animal rescue twenty years ago as a municipal animal shelter volunteer. She adopted her first rescue pup, Wiley, from the same shelter. He was found eating garbage and almost 20 pounds underweight because he was so hungry. He was a scared guy, but like so many abandoned animals, he found a way to trust again and became the reason she’s passionate about animal rescue. As soon as her home allowed, she started fostering dogs knowing it’s one of the best ways to help as many homeless animals as possible. That was the same time a friend posted an ask for fosters for a litter of Army’s puppies. A few days later two little puppies were sharing Dexter, Kasier, and SuChang’s home. A few fosters later, she “foster failed” with Babe, now Baby, and the pack grew from three to four.

Liz has an M.S. in Communications from Quinnipiac University and is a communicator in the medical technology industry. She also worked in community relations and trade show management and works to bring her professional event management, marketing, and communications skills to Army’s. When she’s not working or volunteering, Liz teaches indoor cycling, powerlifts, rides horses, and owns and runs a local Airbnb.

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