Lucky James


A happy ending story with more to come.

Rescuing Lucky

A phone call from a good samaritan
and Amanda was on the move!

THIS is what Army’s Legacy is all about!
EVERY dog deserves a happy and healthy life full of love.
Lucky’s life is saved and his future is bright.


Meet Lucky!

August 21st
Army’s Legacy 2nd Annual Car Show
North Haven Fairgrounds
appearance time TBD


Lucky cute face pics

Lucky’s Story

Lucky hiding on the day he was found and rescued.


The phone call was received Monday July 25, 2022 by founder Amanda Armstrong. It was a good samaritan on the line,  who found this neglected and abandoned pup in Hartford.

The Army’s team raced to make phone calls to the Animal Control Officers and Police Department to tell them about what was found!

It was decided by a wonderful ACO that Army’s would take this boy because unfortunately the town did not have the means to take care of him.

We banded together to save this boy.

He was picked up and rushed to Fenton River Veterinary Hospital the very same day!

The veterinarian’s initial findings:

“Demandex HIGHLY SEVERE CASE –  severe severe infection in addition to the demadex this is NOT a traditional case, high white blood cells, anemic.

He is literally deteriorating/rotting from the inside out. He has no paw pads. If you squeeze his paws blood and pus come out. He’s eating the chunks of skin falling off his body because he is so hungry. He smells like rotting flesh. He has a heart murmur as well as huge lymph nodes the size of eggs from the horrible Infection on his skin.”

Lucky in a crate on day 1
Lucky's first vet visit
Lucky's first vet visit

Following a strict regimen of antibiotics, medicated baths, prescription salves and preventatives, supplements and a healthy diet, Lucky is improving every day!

Currently Lucky is doing phenomenal in his foster home learning love, trust, how to play, walk well on a leash, gaining weight, eating more, skin is slowly healing up, heart murmur is gone.

Lucky's first bath and salve
Lucky asleep in the arms of love
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