Maria Longo

Director of Fundraising/Event and Volunteer Coordinator

Maria has worked as a Substance Abuse/Trauma Counselor for over 10 years.  Maria believes in the ability to change and makes herself available to those who are struggling.  She believes there is always hope and helps her clients realize this.  Maria’s background includes extensive training in trauma, which is connected to substance abuse.  She is also dedicated to the education of substance abuse disorders and trauma sensitive care.  Maria has lived on the shoreline in Connecticut her entire life and enjoys the peace found by the water.  Maria has sat on the board of nonprofits as a Secretary and has held the position of Secretary, Vice President and President in other organizations.  Maria is interested in pursuing the new field of Veterinary Social Work to combine her two passions.  This field includes the importance of therapy animals, the significance of grief/loss not only related to pets but in the rescue community as well.


Maria has always had a strong connection with animals.  As a child, she would donate her allowance to the local shelter.  She grew up with rescue dogs in her family and adopted the first rescue of her own in her twenties.  This German Shepard/Lab mix became her life.  Ever since then, rescue became her life.  Maria currently has seven dogs, including a 17-year-old Jack Russell.  Maria’s dogs are everything to her.  Maria has volunteered for rescues for years and has done transporting, assessing, home checks, meet-n-greets, slow introductions and fundraising.  Maria has served on an Advisory Board for a treatment facility and has been the Secretary, Vice Chair and Chair of another organization.  This coupled with Maria’s administrative abilities and passion for rescue will enable her to continue to fight for the underdog as a member of the team of Army’s Legacy Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc.