Meredith Canto

Vice President/COO


Meredith Canto serves as Vice President/Chief Operating Officer for Army’s Legacy. She has been involved from the start in every aspect of the day to day operations of the rescue. She is a true team player, who has never been afraid to dive into the tough jobs.

Making lives better for animals and people has always been a strong desire for Meredith, as evidenced in her educational and career path choices. She has degrees and work experience in Early Childhood Education/Special Education, Nursing and the Veterinary Technician field.  Meredith’s varied studies and experiences have given her a unique perspective, realizing that rather than being mutually exclusive, helping both people and animals is very much connected.

In her work with Army’s Legacy, Meredith commits to finding a way to help in each animal’s situation, finding solutions where others may not want to get involved because of breed or history. She believes in helping dog owners, teaching strategies and making sure that, when needed, owners have the resources and guidance to ensure that their pet is a permanent, loved member of their family.

Meredith has a passion for standing up not only for the well-being of animals, but also for families in need. Meredith assisted her daughter in founding Butterfly Boost, supplying hygiene items in “Boost Bags” to local domestic violence/care centers. They see the distress families go through, forced to surrender their pets since so few shelters allow dogs.  Meredith has now added this cause to her plate, looking to do more to help with and establish programs trying to keep animals safe with their owner at their time of need/crisis.

Eight years ago, as Meredith was nominated for Employee of the Year, she and her entire hospital unit contracted a rare virus.  Her life changed in an instant.  She has yet to fully recover from the virus that triggered many auto immune responses.  Adjusting to the “new Meredith” has been challenging, but with the support of her family, friends, and fur babies, and with her focus on the causes dear to her, she continues to make a difference to those whose lives she touches.

Meredith lives with her husband Richard, her three awesome children, Richie, Olivia, and Connor, and their animal children – German Shepherds, a rescue Great Dane mix, a Pitbull mix, and her rescue cats.


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