Army’s Legacy
Holiday Newsletter

Army’s Legacy
Holiday Newsletter

Welcome to our 2022 Holiday Newsletter!
It has been a challenging year for us with so many pets needing our help. We have been busy! Too much? No! Our commitment is as strong as ever and we will continue to help as many animals as we possibly can.

I invite you to join us!
Please consider becoming a volunteer is 2023,
and if you are one already, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Happy Holidays to all!

Our Holiday
Foster Highlight

This holiday we are giving a big ‘high five’ to our Foster Mom, Giana.
She is amazing and we are so thankful to her for her great work.

“My name is Giana and I am 16 years old. I am a junior at North Branford High School. I am also an equestrian rider. I began riding at the age of 5 years old. I ride at Westbrook Hunt Club. I compete and am currently first place in my division for 2022!!   I enjoy being around animals and teaching the younger children when I am at the barn. In the future, my goal is to work with special needs children and incorporate animals into their therapy such as Hippo therapy, and also become a Special Education Teacher. I love helping animals as well. At North Branford High School I am also a part of a club called Animal Allies. In this club we raise funds to help animals in need. I also enjoy helping Army’s Legacy Animal Rescue to make sure animals have safe and good homes. Currently my family and I are fostering Grace. It is great to show her that love exists even after the world failed her. It is so rewarding to give back to these animals. Since I have been fostering Grace, she and I have developed a bond. It is very rewarding  to be a part of this team!”

Help us keep providing our foster homes
with much needed supplies

Our Boy Lucky

What a Success Story!

Remember Lucky James? You can read about him here. What an amazing story! From severe neglect to a loving home!
Our boy Lucky IS lucky!

Thank you, Amanda, and all the volunteers and donors who made Lucky’s recovery possible.


Rescuing Lucky


Help Amanda save more pets like Lucky!


Good Idea:

Treat Jars!

Keep the human food out of canine reach and let your guests give the dogs a treat!
(I found this canister at Target.)


Oh No!

The dog got into the chocolate candies!
What do I do??

  1. Don’t Panic!
  2. How much chocolate? If you know, check the guidelines below.
  3. Too much chocolate? CALL YOUR VET IMMEDIATELY.
  4. Because not all chocolate is the same, if you believe the amount was less than the guidelines, keep a close eye on your dog anyway. Be safe!
  5. Put the chocolate out of reach!
how much is too much chocolate for a dog?

Want a more accurate number
for your dog’s weight?
WebMD has a calculator!
Try it out here.


needs YOUR help!

Quincy looking like a lion
Quincy smiling at the camera

Quincy has been in boarding far too long!

He needs someone to love and who will love him back!

PLEASE pass on the word!
❤️  Let’s find Quincy a home  ❤️

Pass the word!
Click on the Facebook or email icons
on the left or bottom of your screen and share this newsletter with everyone.

❤️  A Gift of Love… The RIGHT Way  ❤️

Remember those idylic scenes on TV of Christmas mornings and the kids open the big box and out pops a happy puppy?


That puppy will be TERRIFIED! Strange people, strange place, chaos!

Please do not surprise ANYONE with a new pet on a busy holiday morning. Let your family focus be on each other, where it should be.

If you truly wish to give a gift of a new pet, make it a stuffed animal with a note promising to bring a pet into your family AFTER the holidays.

And remember, when you gift a live being, YOU are committing to that pet’s care and well being for the rest of it’s life.

Please give generously to all the animals at Army’s Legacy this Holiday season!

All of us at Army’s Legacy are proud of the great work we have accomplished and are eager to continue into 2023 and beyond.

We can only do this with YOUR help!

Wishing All of you a
Happy, Healthy and Joyous
Holiday Season

We hope you have enjoyed our newsletter and would like to read more.
We promise not to send too many!

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