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Foster Mom

Meet Katie Field! Katie is an amazing Foster Mom. We are so lucky to have her as a member of our rescue!

“I’ve been fostering for rescue for one year now. We bought our new home last year so that we could foster. I’ve always loved animals, especially dogs. Before I started fostering I volunteered and walked shelter dogs and also dogs in boarding thru the rescue. My passion is helping the abandoned and abused animals however I can. I work as an Operations Manager. When I am not at home I want to be home with all our dogs, enjoying time with them outside and cuddling with them at night. My husband is a huge help and I couldn’t rescue as many without him.”

Katie and her failed foster, Spud.
(we LOVE our foster failures!)

Katie with her current foster, Quincy.

Save a Life! Become an Army's Legacy Foster!

It just takes a bit of space to add a dog to your home! The rewards are so worth it!

Meet Judo! He is a 6 year old pittie mix, great with kids and a total family dog, said to be good with dogs but no cats.
We have him safe, but he must be out of boarding by May 2nd.
We need a Foster ASAP!
All foster expenses are paid my Army’s Legacy!

Judo in a blue harness
logo for PayPal Giving Fund

Did You Know

When you donate to Army’s Legacy through PayPal Giving Fund 100% of your donation comes directly to our animals. There are NO fees! Isn’t that great!

Try It Out!


Meet Big Girl and her Pups!

A tornado recently went through Tyler TX. While surveying the damage to a destroyed home, Big Girl was found protecting her seven 5 week old puppies beneath the devastation! Army’s Legacy is coming to the aid of the Tyler SPCA and Big Girl and her pups will be arriving in CT this coming week.

Big Girl is a 1.5 year old super sweet girl and a great mom. She and the pups will be fully vetted after they arrive.

Applications are now being accepted. Click here.

Please help us with the expenses for Big Girl and her puppies!



A walk

in the



The sun is shining.

The weather is just right.

It’s time for a walk!


Choose a pet friendly place to go.
Know the leash laws.
Have your dog under control at all times, by voice or by leash.
Keep an eye on your surroundings.
Have fun!

Nobody Likes to Talk Poop

sign reading no trespooping

We all know what a gross nuisance it is to clean poop off the bottom of a shoe!

More concerning than that, no matter how careful you are, your dog’s poop could contain worms, parasites or disease. Transmitted to another dog or an adult or a child, that could cause serious illness.

Avoid the town fines. Avoid the disapproval of your neighbors.

Please be considerate of others and clean up after your dog.

Do You Go To Dog Parks?

Before you enter, Look Around!

Do you see anything that makes you uncomfortable?
Do you see poop not picked up?
What is the energy of the dogs? Playful? Tense?
Are the owners paying attention to their dogs?

Are these dogs safe?


a border collie yawining


an older border collie snarling



two dogs running, both angry.

Interested In Learning More About Dog Body Language?

With pictures:

Good Detail:

Great “Resource of Resources” and Informative Video:


Help all the animals at Army’s Legacy!

chart of how hot is too hot for dogs
ink drawing of tick in red/orange triangle
ink drawing of a mosquito
ink drawing of a flea
ink drawing of a mosquito in red circle



ink drawing of a flea
ink drawing of a tick in red circle

Protect your Pets

Protecting your pets from the diseases transmitted by fleas, ticks and mosquitos is one of the greatest gifts you can give them… and yourself! Heartworm, Lyme disease, bacterias, viruses, parasites to name a few. The diseases AND the treatments can be painful and debilitating and in some cases can continue throughout the pet’s life. The costs can run from a couple/few hundred into the thousands. The cost of preventatives is worth every penny, both for your pet’s health and for your pocket!
If you are not presently protecting your pet, discuss it with your veterinarian. They will be your best resource to help determine the right preventatives to provide the coverages your pet needs.
The three minimum coverages:

Learn More About Heartworm and Flea/Tick Diseases

Great Info on Heartworm:

Tick-Borne Diseases – Dogs and Cats:

Flea-Borne Diseases – Dogs and Cats:

ind drawing of mosquito

Help us
protect our

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