Kim Parker


My name is Kim, and I began fostering for Army’s for the first time in May of 2023, but I have had animals around me my whole life.

Right now, I have 5 dogs in the house; Maggie, my soul dog and best friend, Winston, my grumpy old man, Daisy, the reason puppies are compared to having a baby, Gracie, an earth angel and our foster, Cheddar, the sweetest boy that we love having in our home while he waits for his furever family.

There are also 3 cats because why not; Frank, Panda & Peach. Sometimes you just can’t say no to more and because my husband always says yes to me. Fostering and adopting animals or even just helping animals that need you in a variety of other ways is very fulfilling and necessary.

I have loved every minute of being on the Army’s team and I can’t wait to keep seeing what we can all accomplish in the rescue community in the years to come!

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