Relinquishing a Dog

To relinquish a dog to Army’s Legacy, please read the following information carefully before submitting the relinquishment form.

Our relinquishment fee is $75.

Once we have reviewed your submitted relinquishment form, we will contact you on whether we are able to consider your dog for our rescue.

If your dog is approved, please submit proof of an up to date Rabies Certificate.  We are unable to perform an evaluation without it.  Once received, we will then schedule a time with you to meet the dog.

A $20 deposit must be paid to hold the appointment. If the deposit is not paid, the appointment is automatically cancelled. The deposit can be paid here:
PayPal      or       Venmo

Your deposit will be applied to the relinquishment fee if intake is approved. If declined, your deposit will be refunded less our processing fees. If you do not keep the appointment or fail to give 24 hour notice, the deposit is forfeited.

If your dog passes the evaluation, the remaining balance of the relinquishment fee is due prior to intake. Payment may be made here:
PayPal     or    Venmo     or     Cash at time of intake


To continue,
Please fill out all of the following fields:


    Dog's name





    Why are you giving up the dog?

    How long has the dog lived with you?

    How many other homes has the dog lived in?

    From where did you get the dog?


    Has the dog ever lived with other animals?

    If yes, what kind?

    Has the dog had any conflicts with these other animals?

    Is the dog good with other dogs?

    Please explain:

    Is the dog good with cats?

    Please explain:

    Is the dog good with adults?

    Please explain:

    Has the dog ever had conflicts with adults?

    Please explain:

    List the ages of the children, if any, in your household:

    Is the dog good with your or other children?

    Please explain:

    Has the dog ever had conflicts with children?

    Please explain:


    How many hours a day is the dog left alone?

    Describe how the dog reacts to being alone:

    Where does the dog spend most of his/her time?

    Other, please describe:

    Do you leave the dog outside unattended?

    Do you confine the dog to your property?

    Did the dog ever escape your property?

    Has the dog received any obedience training?

    Have you ever consulted a trainer or behaviorist regarding any issues regarding the dog?

    What form of discipline/correction have you used with the dog?

    How did the dog react to that discipline/correction?

    Is the dog protective or reactive of people, places or things?

    Please explain:

    Has the dog ever snapped at anyone?

    Has the dog ever bitten anyone?

    What types of situations cause the dog to bark?

    Has this ever created a problem?


    Is the dog spayed or neutered?

    Are the dog's vaccinations up to date?

    If no, when was the dog last vaccinated and what vaccines did he/she receive?

    Has the dog had any health problems?

    Is the dog on any medications?

    What type of flea control do you use for the dog?

    When is the date of the dog's last dose?

    What type of heartworm control do you use for the dog?

    When is the date of the dog's last dose?

    Is the dog on a special diet?


    Your current veterinarian name/practice:

    Veterinarian phone

    Client name that current animals are being seen under:

    Previous veterinarian(s) name/practice and phone, if applicable:

    Please initial here to authorize us to contact the veterinarians(s) listed above and obtain information about the dog and the dog's care:


    Describe the dog's idea of a perfect day:

    Anything else we need to know?

    Upload a photo of your dog:

    Relinquishment Fee


    Your name

    Street Address



    Zip Code

    Mobile Phone

    Home Phone

    Work Phone

    Your Email

    Signature Date

    Signature (I agree to sign this document electronically)

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