Be a Legacy Angel

Every Pet Deserves a Guardian Angel

We all know angels are special, Legacy Angels even more so!

It is a magical journey a Legacy takes to come to safety, to have time to decompress, to heal, both physically and in spirit, and to find a loving and happy life in their new forever home. It is a journey that all those involved in rescue find joy in sharing with that pet.

We invite you to share that joy with us. When you become a Legacy Angel, we will share the journey with you in photos and updates. You will see just how much your love and support have helped your Legacy blossom.

Your love and your generosity are critical in making the Legacy’s journey possible! You gift helps pay for the veterinarian exams, shots, flea/tick and heartworm meds, spay/neuter surgery, supplies, bedding, food and other expenses that arise.


You become a Legacy Angel with any donation of $350 or more.
Please fill out the form below and then proceed to PayPal Giving Fund using the Legacy Angel Donation button below.

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