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What started it all

Meet Army.
Army was the Armstrong Family’s beloved Rottweiler, lost too soon. He passed of cancer at the age of five. Army was special, not only to the family but to all who met him.

When Army was diagnosed with cancer, Amanda contacted the breeder to let him know. Any responsible breeder would want this information, but this one could not care less. It was an enlightening moment for Amanda and one that helped cement her commitment to founding Army’s Legacy Rescue and Sanctuary.


Our Legacies


its all about the legacies

An animal becomes a Legacy™ the moment they become involved with Army’s Legacy.  Forever.  Once given a title of Legacy, our precious Legacies will never again be abused, neglected, or discarded. That Legacy is ours to protect and even after becoming a loved member of your family, remains part of our family forever.


Our Volunteers


we cannot thank you enough

Army’s Rescue is an all volunteer force. Every volunteer is vital:  More pets stepping off a transport into welcoming arms.  Every foster learning life is good.  Cats and kittens learning to get along with others and never be alone.  Another mama dog or mama cat with a safe haven to bring her puppies or kittens into the world.

What we do

Working Together

Army’s Legacy is a positive force in dog rescue: An organization creating positive energy in the industry and focusing on the best interest of each animal. With organized, calm, comfortable, and effective care for every pet,  Army’s Legacy provides a feeling of safety and protection, love, hope, family and home for those with no voice.

As Army’s Legacy welcomes each animal, volunteer and participant with respect and warmth, we expect the industry to follow and engage in the same positive ethic.  Army’s Legacy is grateful to all animal rescue organizations for providing care for our furry friends, and works in conjunction with many.  Please reach out if your organization has an animal in need.

Our Team

Army’s Legacy Humans



amanda armstrong



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Executive Director Security

Jared Armstrong

Executive Director
Security & Asset Protection


Open Position


Rebekah DeMatteo

Field Director 

Liz Adams - Director of Marketing & Fundraising

Liz Adams

Fundraising Director


Kim Antonio


Ava Armstrong

Junior Merchandizing

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