Going Home Tips

Plan Ahead

It is easier to teach a good habit
than to unlearn a bad one.


On the furniture or four on the floor? – This is a personal choice, but we all think there’s nothing quite like a good snuggle on the couch with your furry friend! Either way, have a couple/few dog beds around so your pup can be comfortable in whatever room you are all gathering in, and don’t forget the bedroom!

To crate or not to crate – If your new friend is not crate trained and you wish to use a crate, this is one area where you would not start off crating right off the bat. Make the crate a safe spot but not too far from family. Work up to confining. Don’t rush it and don’t overuse it, and your new pet will learn to love the crate.

Pick a day when you know you’ll be staying home for a couple/few days so your new pet has time to adjust to strange people and places.

Come straight home. Make your first week a quiet one so your new pet can adjust.

Do not have friends and family over to meet the new arrival. Wait until next week.

Even the best house trained dog may have accidents at first in a new environment. The less fuss you make over this, the quicker your new family member will adjust to their new home. Instead, take them out often! They will love the walks and be less likely to have an accident when home.

Take lots of walks and have lots of treats and toys on hand! Be the best thing in your new pet’s life!


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A few suggested supplies:

No Pull Harness –

Whereas a Halti collar confines your dog and puts them on the defensive when they meet another dog, the no pull harness works as soon as you put it on and the dogs do not mind wearing it. An amazing training tool!

Sense-ation Harness
Petsafe Easy Walk Harness

(use the amazon search bar for other colors/sizes)

Treat balls / Kongs / Activity Toys

There are a variety of these items on the market. Look for ones that will engage your dog and are safe to leave alone with the dog.

Two suggestions –
Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball


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