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Spotlight Charlotte

Beautiful Dynasty!

It’s time to get Dynasty aka Stella her forever home… she will be a foster to adopt for at least 1-2 months while we finish up with her medical.

She is doing much better! She needs a no dog/no cat home. She is great with people and animal savvy kids, and is approx 5 years old.

This girl has had a tough life…we want to give her only the best from on now on.


❤️  Meet Josie!  ❤️

Our Josie is a survivor and a remarkable girl.

This 4.5 year old love bug is disabled, and was rescued from a high-kill shelter at 12 weeks old. She scooted along, unable to use her back legs due to an unknown spinal injury.  Josie has worked hard over the past two years to gain strength enough to walk and run, though she still has reduced sensation, neurological damage, and weakness in her back end.

Despite all this – she runs like the wind outside on a grassy lawn!  Josie thrives on attention and loves nothing more than her collection of toys.

This special girl needs a special owner due to her needs. In return – you will have the most loyal companion with so much love to give.  Though her maintenance requires some strength and patience, her quirks can be very charming and she always keep us smiling.  

Below are some details on her condition and daily life:

– Josie is incontinent due to nerve damage, so she has struggled with urinary tract infections in the past. They occur less frequently as she gets older. She has not had one this past year, but it is always a possibility. Josie is the queen of the kitchen, and the incontinence is nothing that washable flooring and a good mop can’t handle!

– Josie experiences some nerve pain that seems to be well controlled with 300mg of Gabapentin. When she is tired or lazy, Josie still drags her behind and reverts to scooting. Scooting along rough surfaces or excessive friction can result in scraping up her previous calluses. The resulting wounds require some cleanup and her staying indoors for the rest of the day (in some cases more than one day) to heal. Using her wheelchair helps prevent this, but she sulks while she is in it because she is unable to lay down and enjoy the outdoor breeze and bird watching in the yard. If it is her only option to go out she will take it!

– Josie needs regular vet visits to keep her prescriptions up to date and make sure she remains as healthy as possible. She does get a bit nervous, so she has some trazadone to ease anxiety before her visits.

– Occasionally, Josie will get hives from a presently unknown allergen. They are completely alleviated with two over the counter benadryl.

– Since Josie has poor control of her back legs, she is unable to scratch any itches. She is thoroughly grateful to anyone who offers a good scratching here or there. You will gain immediate best friend status in her book.

– Josie will do great with someone patient enough to handle her disability and strong enough to get her into the tub and wheelchair. When last weighed, Josie was 54 lbs.

– Josie does best with dry kibble that contains probiotics. Her meds are easily given two times per day mixed in a tablespoon of wet food that is plopped on top of her dry.

– She is good with cats and dogs but doesn’t like them getting near her things (food, favorite toys, and tiny kittens/puppies she is playing with). She doesn’t bite but will definitely tell them to get lost.

– She can be a bit clumsy in her movements, so small kids could get knocked over.

– She will bark when an unknown person enters the house until she is introduced. She will run the fence excitedly when there is a dog on the other side to join her.

There has to be someone out there that will love Josie and take care of her like she deserves.

Is this special person you?


Meet Andi  ❤️ ❤️ 

We would love to pull this girl at Army’s Legacy Animal Rescue And Sanctuary, Inc.

Look at this beauty queen! She quite literally smiles and poses for the camera.

Her name is Andi, and she’s lucky to be alive.  She was rescued from the rough streets in Texas, and contracted distemper and then pneumonia. With lots of love and care from her foster, Andi survived and is now distemper negative! 

Andi is a survivor, and it’s time she found a soft place to land FOREVER. It’s what this special little lady deserves.

Age: Approx. 1-1.5 years old
Weight: 42 lbs.
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Rabies & Vaccine: Yes
Other Dogs? YES – loves them!
Cats? Unknown
Kids? Unknown
Special Notes: Heartworm negative; loves her kennel; house trained

 Living in TX but wouldn’t mind living somewhere else 🙂

Meet Cheddar!

Cheddar is looking for his forever home!

He’s a sweet boy that loves to chase the ball around the yard.

He’s fully potty trained and does really well in the crate.

He can sit, stay, lay down and give paw.

He’s a loyal boy
that just wants some love.

Meet Granny Puckett!

Our beautiful little Granny is 13 years young and aged to perfection!   
This super senior deserves to spend her final years in a warm, loving home. Due to her age, timing is critical to get her placed with her forever family.
As with most older pups, she has a few things going on such as glaucoma, eye inflammation, and some knee cap issues.  
Even at her age, she still looks like a puppy!  Will you be the one to save her?

Meet George and Fred!

This handsome pair went from the streets of Texas to the shelter.  Army’s Legacy saved them both from being euthanized. They’re the best of pals and would love to stay together, but it’s not mandatory.  Finding a loving home for each of them is our top priority.

Fred and George are active terrier mixes, approximately 1.5 years old, and weigh around 35 lbs.  They are extremely affectionate, love to cuddle and are people pleasers.  If this is your jam, then Fred and/or George may be your man!  Reach out to us for a meet and greet!

Meet Cole!

PAWZ Around The World, LLC is sponsoring his adoption fee!

This dream boat was found roaming the streets (we heard a rumor that his nickname was “Hunk of Burnin’ Love??!!) He loves long walks on the beach, giving kisses and canoodling. He is quite the catch, and probably won’t be available for long!

He’s looking for his forever home AND some guidance on how to be a proper fella on the leash. He’s willing and ready to learn – and in return will give you love and affection beyond your wildest dreams.

To set up a date with him (or to just learn more), give us a shout.

Age: Approx. 4 years old
Weight: 70 lbs.
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Rabies& Vaccine: Yes
Type of Home: Adults; Teenagers and Older
Cats/Other Dogs: So good with!!
Special Notes: High energy – will need some training


This dog duet was bred together, dumped on the streets together, survived and saved together.  They will be adopted together as well.  In certain situations, keeping bonded pairs together is absolutely crucial to the survival and well being of the dogs; that is the case with Ella and Zachary.  Their connection is extraordinary, as is their story of survival.  So with that – they also have twice the love to give.  Ella and Zachary are both approximately 18 months old and will need a family with time, patience, structure and understanding.  Will you be their forever home?

Meet Gunner

We think Gunner is quite a stunner! Look at those perfect floppy ears!

At only 5 months old, this energetic pup is already a playgroup rockstar.  He loves people, dogs and cats.  He’ll be able to fit into any family dynamic as long as he has consistency, time to play and get his energy out, and (as with all young dogs) owners that show love and patience.

Reach out for more information, and to schedule a time to meet Gunner (and see those big beautiful ears for yourself!)

Meet Tesha

Don’t let her strong appearance fool you – this sweet girl is afraid of EVERYTHING, including her shadow.

Tesha was found in an abandoned building.  Bearing injuries and scars from being burned with cigarettes, Tesha no doubt has endured so much pain.  She has a lot of fear, but she also has a lot of love.  We believe that with the right family, she can overcome this and learn to trust again.  Through our evaluations and time spent with her, we can say with complete certainty that she is an amazing dog and her next home WILL be a soft place to land.  A few more details below – reach out to schedule a meet and greet!

Weight: 75 lbs.
Breed: Mastiff Mix
Other Dogs? Yes
Cats? No
Notes: Best in a low traffic home

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