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Meet Cora

Cora is living in a garage!

We need to find a home for Cora!

Cora is five years old, spayed and vaccinated. Very sweet with people. Very strong, and pulls on the leash.  Will chase a cat, so a dog savvy cat if any. We will help cat test for the right fit!

Must be the Only Dog at this time. She can walk past a dog fine, however cannot go nose to nose with one. With training and slow intros, Cora may learn that doggie friends can be fun!


Molly aka Miss Diva

9 years old
No cats
No dogs
Snuggles on her terms
Older kids

Prefers to be the only pet

Family can not keep any longer due to illness

Reach Deep into your HEARTS!!

Meet Frosty   ☃️
Under a year
Dogs ok  🐕 🙌
Kids ok  🙌
Cats unknown
Not an aggressive bone in his body
Completely Deaf
Strong    🐾    Active

He is currently in a shelter and we want to pull!

We need a foster!

This family was found under a house!

Freya (mom), her 9 babies and Cora (sister) bonded 1 years old.

Freya & Cora
Good with kids, cats and dogs. We believe they are Catahoula / Border Collie / Australian Shepherd Mix.

We want to keep them together.


Army’s Legacy Animal Rescue And Sanctuary, Inc. WANTS TO PULL MAMA!!

🚨 URGENT she is Breaking Down in the kennel!! 🚨

We need to get her out! We NEED a foster!

Meet Mama

This Sweet Angel has gotten looked over for a long time! She is currently with Hamden Animal Control!

Army’s Legacy Animal Rescue And Sanctuary, Inc. will pull with a foster or potential adopter.

We will also offer a few sessions of training.

From our Wonderful officer Julie:

“We’ve learned over time that she is dog selective. We thought she just didn’t like smaller animals (seems to have a prey drive) but there have been dogs her size or bigger who she has not gotten along with. So, being the only pet in home is probably best for her. She is high energy, very strong on leash, and still has a habit of jumping up which I’ve been trying to work on with her so I’d say no young kids but has not interacted with children yet. Once she gets her “zoomies” out, she likes to follow me around and is treat motivated. She’s been learning some basic commands. She really needs someone to consistently work with her.

She definitely enjoys being around people and has gotten very attached to me since I try to spend as much time as I can with her. If I don’t take her outside first thing in the morning, she whimpers and howls until I do lol”


3 years old
Hound/beagle mix (petite/short legs
No bite history
Mouthy when excited – working on
House/potty trained
Not crated when left alone but stays in small room
Good with bigger dogs
No small dog experience
Good with cats
Will chase squirrels (moderate prey drive)
Good with kids 10+ will jump
No experience with kids under 10
Knows basic commands (shower/gets in the tub for a bath, sit, “all the way down”, high five, paw, outside)
Doesn’t mind having nails dremelled

Original Evaluation

When I arrived Queen was blocked off in a small side room, she barked when I approached her, backed up, sniffed my hand and was calm after she was let out. Owner states she barks when people enter the home. Queen jumped up on me several times, when I sat on the couch she began mouthing me , needs to work on control and manners but I do not see any major behavioral problems at this time. Very smart dog, needs more stimulation and interacting with humans/locked away a lot of the time.

I noticed some redness on her back/nape of the neck, when I touched it she was very sensitive and flinched. Asked owner about it and he stated that he used a new shampoo last week that was scented and thought that maybe caused it. She has visible irritation.

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Pittie mix
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Pittie Mix
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Our Pets


Pittie Mix
Adult – Male

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