is a

Rescued Pet

so expensive?


Oftentimes, people are surprised by the cost of a rescued pet.

“He was a stray!  Why is the adoption donation so high!”

“The owner gave him up!  Why do I have to pay so much?”

Army’s Legacy is a conscientious and responsible rescue. We do not adopt out ANY pet without first ensuring the pet is in good health, both mentally and physically. There is no history on a stray. Who knows what’s going on inside? And frequently, relinquishments come to us with little to no prior veterinary care or with a medical condition the owners are unable or unwilling to pay to correct.

We are here to help these animals. We do not say no because it will cost too much. We work hard to fundraise and bring in money every way possible, but we must also rely on adoption donations to help defray the costs incurred. In almost every case, the donation does not completely cover our expenses, but if the pet you are looking to adopt is one of the lucky ones who came to us healthy and happy and ready to go to their forever home, it will do your heart good to know that a small part of your adoption donation is going to the next pet who needs that extra help. Share the love!

Here are some of the costs Army’s Legacy glady covers:

Wellness Exam

Every pet sees our Veterinarian for a comprehensive wellness exam. We want to ensure that all of our Legacies are in the best of health.

Spay and Neuter

Army’s Legacy firmy believes in the value of pet population control. To that end, every dog and cat is spayed or neutered.  


Every pet over 1 year receives the following vaccines:

1st Distemper

Parasite Testing

A fecal test and blood test are done to test for:

Lyme Disease
Intestinal worms


Every legacy receives a comprehensive dental inspection. If a dental problem is found, further work is done.


In case you and your pet are ever separated!
Every cat and dog is microchipped.

Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventatives

We use these necessary preventatives on our cats and dogs monthly to ensure their continuous protection.


Sometimes, a visual inspection is insufficient. We gladly move forward to more in-depth testing.

Surgical Solutions

When the need arises, we cover any surgical interventions which will help our Legacies.

Alternative Treatments

When necessary, we will explore alternative treatments, such as Light Therapy.


So many dogs are abandoned for behavioral issues. They are GOOD dogs! They just need some time to learn how to be their best! We take on the costs of professional trainers to help them with that.

Daily Essentials

While in our care, we provide food, bedding, treats, toys, play times, bath times and a whole lot more, but mostly our volunteers provide a whole lot of love!

Our Share the Love Donation for Dogs

All puppies up to 11 months $650
All puppies/dogs 1 year to 7 years $450
All dogs 8 years and older $250

Our Share the Love Donation for Cats

Kittens up to 11 months $275
Cats 1 year and up $225
Kitten pairs $450
Cat pairs $350
Cats 9 years and up $175

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