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Volunteering is a very rewarding and enriching experience. We know you will enjoy your time with us as much as we enjoy having your help!

Here are just a few of the ways to volunteer:

♦ walking ♦ socializing ♦ playtime ♦
♦ transporting ♦ grooming ♦
♦ data entry ♦ correspondence ♦
♦ fundraising ♦ special events ♦
♦ webdesign ♦ social media ♦
♦ photography ♦

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need any experience?

Not at all! We will show you the ropes!

How often do I need to volunteer?

We do not require any specific amounts of time from our volunteers. We only ask that when you agree to assist with an event, a transport, or another task, that you be there. We are counting  on you.

May I bring a friend?


What if I don't have a car?

You can still volunteer!  Although we do not coordinate rides, we can help you get in touch with other volunteers who may be close by or en route. Otherwise, we do ask that you arrange your own transportation. If you are fostering, we will transport pets and bring supplies to you.

What if I cannot have a pet where I live?

Fostering is not required! We have lots to do and need lots of help! Let us know what you are interested in doing and we’ll put your talents to work!

Do I get to pick the pet I'm going to foster?

We work to ensure that our foster pets will be a good match for our foster volunteers and involve our volunteers in every aspect of the placement process. Our fosters are never asked to take in a pet that is not a good fit for them or their family.

Do I need to bring the pet to my veterinarian?

All of our foster pets go to our veterinarian. You may bring the pet yourself or we will provide transportation.

Do I have to pay for anything?

Absolutely not! Army’s Legacy pays for all food, supplies, and veterinarian costs. You just give your foster love, comfort, guidance and time.

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